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18-year-old Camay Mitchell DeSilva killed after shooting at Delaware State University campus

Police say the woman was not a student on campus, but was found shot near a student dorm.



Several law enforcement agencies are conducting investigations into a shooting that occurred early in the morning on the campus of Delaware State University, leading to the tragic death of an 18-year-old female.

DSU Police were alerted to the incident at the north end of Warren Franklin Residential Hall around 1:40 a.m. on April 21st following reports of gunfire, as stated in an email circulated among campus community members (later corroborated by the Dover Police Department).

Upon reaching the scene, officers allegedly discovered an unconscious 18-year-old female from Wilmington, who had sustained a gunshot wound to her upper body.

The victim was rushed to Bayhealth Medical Center, where she was later pronounced deceased, according to the Dover Police Department.

On Monday, April 22nd, law enforcement identified the victim as Camay Mitchell DeSilva, aged 18, from Wilmington. Dover PD clarified that she was not enrolled as a student at the university.

DSU police reported that the suspects in the shooting were last observed fleeing southbound towards College Road and are presumed to have left the vicinity.

At 3:29 a.m., an emergency alert instructed campus residents to shelter in place. The university subsequently declared the cancellation of classes for Monday, April 22nd.

Both the Dover Police Department and Delaware State University Police are conducting investigations into the incident.

Individuals possessing any information regarding this tragic shooting are urged to reach out to DSU Police at (302) 857-7911.

Sunday evening, a statement was released by Tony Allen, President of Delaware State University. The statement is provided below.

To the University Community:

As you know by now, early this morning, a tragic incident occurred on campus during which one young woman was killed. The assailants fled, and University police and local law enforcement are investigating the crime.

First, let me say that whoever believes that settling disagreements of any kind should be met with physical violence—including the threat of and eventual use of firearms—is simply not welcomed here.

Delaware State University is an institution of significant historical and contemporary importance to our community and our country. It is not a place to harbor those who have no respect for these hallowed, sacred grounds.

Our job is to educate global citizens. Period. Full Stop.

Violence of any kind, particularly gun violence, happens too often on college campuses – large and small – throughout the country. It does not make it acceptable, and it will never be rationalized away, minimized, or normalized here. Let us make sure we are collectively resolute on this point.

Second, the young lady tragically killed was merely 18 years old. Although she was not one of our students, she was a daughter, a beloved family member, and a friend; and, senselessly, her life was cut short. We should pray for better days and pray for the safety and well-being of our campus as a whole.

At this University, we are family.

An event that affects the safety of one of us affects all of us. That means each of us is responsible for holding one another accountable, saying so when something does not seem, sound, or look right, and denying wrongdoing in all its forms, no matter the person or the circumstance.

In this instance, Resident Assistants acted with leadership and authority to diffuse a tense situation. Our University Police, in partnership with the Dover Police Department, are working nonstop to bring the suspects to justice. And we will need any student, staff, or faculty with information to tell us what they know immediately. I can assure students and families that the University is committed to securing our safe campus environment, but we all have to be in this together.

As you know, we canceled all campus events today and classes tomorrow, Monday, April 22. Instead, we are continuing an effort to provide mental health services across the campus community, including our external and virtual resources. The Office of Student Success will also reach out regarding any academic needs students may have as we near the final exam period. On Tuesday, April 23, we will hold a Forum for students, staff, faculty, and parents to share any updates and to remember a young person gone too soon.

Lastly, for this evening, please join me in prayer.

At Delaware State University, we will always strive to fulfill our greatest sense of purpose and calling despite the lowest forms of behavior that may be visited upon us. As a family, we are one. And that will never change.


Tony Allen, Ph.D. President”