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Rumble wants to buy and operate TikTok in US



On Monday, Rumble, a well-known video-sharing platform, unveiled its new cloud service, aiming to advocate for the “free and open internet” while alleviating concerns among companies about censorship or the risk of being deplatformed due to their beliefs.

Here is the letter from Rumble addressed to the CEO of TikTok:

In the event that Byte Dance divests its ownership in TikTok, Rumble is ready to join a consortium with other parties seeking to acquire and operate Tik Tok inside the United States.

Specifically, we are ready to serve as a cloud technology partner. Yesterday, Rumble announced the public launch of the Rumble Cloud, a new infrastructure as a service offering that champions the free and open internet.

All data on the Rumble Cloud is stored safely and securely at sites inside of the United States on Rumble’s own neutral and independent infrastructure.

Additional Information Rumble’s offer to serve as a partner to a consortium to acquire and operate Tik Tok is subject to the negotiation of a definitive agreement.

Rumble claims that its latest offering, dubbed Rumble Cloud, aims to empower businesses to break free from conventional providers, citing concerns such as “unfair pricing, vendor lock-in strategies, and censorship.”

The company asserts that Rumble Cloud, integral to, will offer a comprehensive range of essential cloud computing services accessible through self-service. These services will encompass virtual machines and Kubernetes orchestration, block and object storage, load balancers, and a virtual private cloud option.

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