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Students searched prior to entry at Virginia Middle School after shooting threat posted on TikTok

Threat also mentioning the students who are being targeted.



Bristol, Virginia – Students were reportedly subjected to searches before entering Virginia Middle School this morning following overnight shooting threats posted on TikTok.

A threat was directed at the Middle School. As of 10 minutes ago, the majority of the student body was still congregated on the front lawn.

Parents dropping off their children should have been promptly informed about the situation BEFORE their child exited the vehicle, allowing them to decide AS PARENTS whether to leave their child in an uncertain situation.

This morning, a threat to shoot up a Virginia middle school was posted, specifically mentioning the students who are being targeted.

A concerned parent expressed, “Receiving an email just 7 minutes before the tardy bell is not satisfactory communication. It should have been an automated call, enabling us to make the best decision for our child. The individual responsible for making the threat should be identified and face consequences. Such behavior is unacceptable, and students who engage in making such threats should not be allowed to remain within the school premises alongside the rest of the student body. I am frustrated with the situation. It’s time to address this issue seriously.”

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.