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Keir Starmer set to become the prime minister of United Kingdom

Labour Party wins UK general election, ending 14-year Conservative rule, per exit poll.



Keir Starmer is on track to secure a landslide victory in the UK election, bringing Labour back to power and ending 14 years of Conservative rule.

An exit poll conducted at 10pm for the three major news broadcasters predicted that Labour would win 410 seats, achieving a majority of 170, while the Conservatives would secure 131 seats.

The Liberal Democrats were expected to win 61 seats, the Scottish National Party 10, Reform UK 13, Plaid Cymru four, and the Greens two. This followed Rishi Sunak’s surprise decision to call a summer election six weeks ago.

The results suggest that Labour’s “time for change” campaign resonated with voters, who were dissatisfied with years of Conservative rule marked by chaos and division, including the Brexit vote, the handling of the Covid pandemic, and the Partygate scandal.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.