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Air Europa Flight Faces Severe Turbulence, Injuring 30 Passengers

More than 10 individuals were hospitalized.



An Air Europa flight from Spain to Uruguay was diverted to Brazil after encountering severe turbulence over the Atlantic, according to passengers and airline officials. At least 30 people were treated for injuries.

Flight 45, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner carrying 325 passengers, was en route from Madrid to Montevideo early Monday morning when it experienced severe turbulence over the Atlantic Ocean.

The crew declared an emergency and diverted the plane to Natal International Airport in eastern Brazil, where emergency services responded.

The state’s health department reported that at least 30 people were injured, with most suffering head injuries, cervical fractures, facial injuries, and chest pain. More than 10 individuals were hospitalized.

“Natal was the airport best equipped to handle the medical needs of passengers quickly,” Air Europe said in a statement. The airline added that passengers would be transported to the Brazilian city of Recife to continue their journey to Montevideo.

Monday’s incident occurred just weeks after a Singapore Airlines flight from London to Singapore experienced severe turbulence, resulting in one passenger’s death and over 100 injuries.

Turbulence causes sudden bumps or jolts that can, in severe cases, lead to a temporary loss of control of the aircraft. It often occurs near thunderstorms but can also happen in clear air when different air masses with varying speeds, directions, or temperatures collide.

To mitigate the risk of turbulence, passengers are generally advised to keep their seatbelts fastened throughout the flight, even when the seatbelt sign is off.