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Twitter officially change its URL to



In a significant move, Twitter has rebranded to “X” and changed its URL to This rebranding is part of Elon Musk’s broader vision to transform Twitter into a “super app” that encompasses more functionalities beyond social networking.

The transition began in July 2023 when Musk started redirecting to and updated the logo to a simple “X”. Now, URLs copied from the app are showing as, reflecting the new identity across various platforms​.

The domain holds historical significance for Musk, dating back to his founding of an online payment company by the same name in 1999, which later became PayPal. Musk reacquired the domain in 2017 from PayPal, marking a sentimental value and strategic asset in his tech ventures.

This URL change has implications for search engine optimization (SEO). The shift means all existing backlinks to Twitter must be updated to maintain search rankings and avoid indexing issues.

This could temporarily disrupt the site’s visibility on search engines until the new URLs are fully integrated and recognized by search algorithms​.

Overall, the change to signifies a major rebranding effort aimed at expanding the platform’s scope and modernizing its image.