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Watch: Cam Newton fight With TSP Crew



For the past two seasons, Cam Newton has been absent from the league, yet he continues to make headlines. Regrettably, this time, it’s for the wrong reasons.

Newton seems to have been linked to the ‘TSP Crew’ in a regrettable and unwise altercation.

That’s definitely not a favorable situation. It seems the 2015 NFL MVP engaged in a confrontation with seven individuals simultaneously, which, once again, is not a wise decision.

Moreover, it begs the question: why would Cam Newton even feel compelled to engage in a fight? Like many online, we honestly have no idea who the “TSP Crew” is.

However, there’s speculation on Twitter suggesting it may be related to a youth 7v7 football organization in the Greater Atlanta area. Regardless, it’s not a favorable situation for anyone involved.