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2 injured in shooting at Manassas Mall

Thankfully, both individuals are expected to recover.



Chaos erupted at Manassas Mall on Tuesday afternoon when a fight between two groups escalated into a shooting, injuring two people, according to police.

The incident began with a parking lot brawl that turned violent.

Shots were fired, sending shoppers scrambling for cover.

One victim, with a lower body gunshot wound, made it to a hospital and alerted authorities.

Police located another person with a minor injury, likely caused by a ricocheting bullet.

Thankfully, both individuals are expected to recover.

Mall patrons in the food court recounted the terrifying scene. “Everyone started running and screaming out of nowhere,” said Doris Morales, who was there with her daughters. “We heard about five gunshots, and I just shoved my girls into Victoria’s Secret.”

Prince William County police are questioning a group of people in connection with the shooting, but it’s unclear if the shooter is among them.