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At least 15 journalists confirmed dead in Israel-Hamas war

8 journalists were reported injured and 3 journalists were reported missing or detained.



Channel3 NOW is diligently examining all accounts of journalists who have suffered harm, been detained, or gone missing amidst the ongoing war, extending its focus to incidents in neighboring Lebanon as hostilities escalate.

As of October 17, we regret to report that no fewer than 15 journalists have lost their lives, joining the more than 4,000 casualties on both sides since the onset of the conflict on October 7.

Journalists operating in Gaza confront exceptionally elevated risks as they endeavor to report on the conflict amidst a ground offensive by Israeli forces, alongside debilitating Israeli airstrikes, impaired communication channels, and extensive power disruptions.

This information is current as of Tuesday, October 17.

  • 15 journalists were confirmed dead: 11 Palestinian, 3 Israeli, and 1 Lebanese.
  • 8 journalists were reported injured.
  • 3 journalists were reported missing or detained.

The roster presented here comprises names sourced fromChannel3’s contacts in the area and media accounts.

It remains uncertain if all these journalists were actively reporting on the conflict at the time of their passing.

Nonetheless, Channel3 NOW has included them in our tally as we delve into the details surrounding their situations. This list undergoes consistent updates.

It documents journalists who have been reported as deceased, missing, wounded, or held in custody:


  • Salam Mema
  • Husam Mubarak
  • Issam Abdallah
  • Ahmed Shehab
  • Mohamed Fayez Abu Matar
  • Saeed al-Taweel
  • Mohammed Sobh
  • Hisham Alnwajha
  • Assaad Shamlakh
  • Shai Regev
  • Ayelet Arnin
  • Yaniv Zohar
  • Mohammad Al-Salhi
  • Mohammad Jarghoun
  • Ibrahim Mohammad Lafi


  • Thaer Al-Sudani
  • Maher Nazeh
  • Elie Brakhya
  • Carmen Joukhadar
  • Christina Assi
  • Dylan Collins
  • Ibrahim Qanan
  • Firas Lutfi


  • Nidal Al-Wahidi
  • Haitham Abdelwahid
  • Roee Idan