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Expedito De Leon identified as UPS driver shot and killed in Irvine

Authorities used a chemical agent and a police dog to apprehend the suspect.



Expedito De Leon identified as UPS driver shot and killed in Irvine

A UPS driver, Expedito De Leon, was tragically killed by gunfire in Irvine on Thursday.

Police responded to the scene near Chrysler and Bendix streets at 3 pm.

The suspect, who escaped in a silver pickup truck, was later apprehended by authorities.

Rhean Fontanoza

The standoff ended around 6 pm after a tense few hours.

The suspect, who had barricaded themselves inside their truck near Santiago Canyon Road, was apprehended by the SWAT team.

Negotiations failed, and officers used chemical agents and a police dog to force the suspect out of the vehicle.

According to Sergeant Karie Davies of the Irvine Police Department, the suspect was taken into custody alive but did not surrender peacefully.

The Irvine Police say the UPS driver was shot while on his break inside his truck. The attacker, believed to be wearing a mask, drove up in another truck and fired multiple times.

Police are unsure why the driver was targeted, but they believe it wasn’t a random robbery.

“We don’t know how the two men are connected, if at all,” said an officer, “but this seems deliberate.”

Residents familiar with the area reported seeing the UPS driver there often, usually taking his lunch break in the same spot.

The Irvine Police Department is urging anyone who witnessed anything unusual around 3 pm to contact them at (949) 724-7200.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.