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Inspector Amy Scott from Waverley Police Station hailed as hero after fatally shot Westfield Bondi Junction mall attacker

In addition to the six fatalities, eight others sustained injuries including a 9-month-old baby, with one individual in critical condition.



A courageous police officer Amy Scott put an end to a knifeman’s rampage inside a crowded Westfield at Sydney’s Bondi Junction, fearlessly confronting him solo and fatally shooting him with a single bullet to the chest.

The terrifying incident unfolded at 3:20 pm on Saturday afternoon when an individual wearing an NRL jersey began indiscriminately stabbing shoppers, including a woman and her nine-month-old baby, resulting in five confirmed fatalities and numerous injuries.

Amid the chaos, nine people were stabbed as panicked families fled for safety.

The assailant was subsequently neutralized by a senior female police officer who happened to be nearby at the time, displaying remarkable bravery as she engaged him alone, tracking him through the mall before ultimately firing the fatal shot.

Café owner Michael Dunkley witnessed the moment the courageous police officer confronted the attacker.

According to Mr. Dunkley, the officer commanded the assailant to “drop the knife,” but the attacker ignored the warning and lunged at her with a 15cm-long knife. “She was forced into a situation where she had no choice.

Despite the intensity of the moment, she remained remarkably composed. She was truly remarkable. Throughout the once-vibrant mall, police were observed striving to save the lives of victims, with bloodstains evident across multiple stores.

Accounts have begun to surface of heroic Australians confronting the knifeman, with some resorting to throwing tables and chairs, while astonishing footage captures one individual confronting him with a bollard.

The individual, donning a white t-shirt, confronts the assailant, a man seemingly in his thirties wearing an Australian Rugby League team jersey, and endeavors to prevent him from ascending an escalator.

However, the footage abruptly concludes, leaving uncertainty regarding the fate of the brave intervenor.

Anthony Albanese has issued a statement, disclosing that he has received a briefing from the AFP regarding what he termed as the “devastating events at Bondi Junction.

” He expressed deep sorrow over the reported multiple casualties and emphasized that the foremost concern of all Australians is with those impacted and their families. NSW Premier Chris Minns conveyed his dismay over the events, asserting that he was arranging immediate return to Sydney.

He expressed gratitude towards NSW Police, emergency services, first responders, and the community for their courageous response in the wake of the distressing incident.