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The identities of the individuals involved in the incident have been disclosed. Sergeant Dareall Thompson has identified the suspect as Reginald Jordan, and the officer’s name is Detrick Robinson.

The shooting occurred at the Meridian Police Department on Thursday afternoon, involving Officer Detrick Robinson and a suspect in custody, Reginald Jordan.

Police Chief Deborah Young reported that the incident occurred around 4:09 p.m., resulting in two people being shot.

Both individuals were subsequently transported to Baptist Anderson Medical Center and are now in stable condition.

Detective Chanetta Stevens confirmed the suspect’s custody.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation stated that the Meridian Police Department officer was escorting the individual to a court hearing when the suspect managed to obtain a firearm and shot the officer.

In response, another MPD officer discharged their weapon, injuring the suspect.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety has issued the following statement:

The night court originally planned for Thursday has been canceled. Individuals scheduled for court appearances are advised to contact the Courts and Records Department at 601-485-1839 on Friday, February 2, to obtain a rescheduled court date.