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31-year-old Kenneth Morrison and an infant Tatee’k Morrison dead after shooting in Billings

Ten people were removed from the residence with a possible involvement in the shooting, according to Lennick.



On November 1, 2023 at approximately 10:05 am Officers with the Billings Police Department responded to a weapons complaint in the 700 block of North 17th Street.

Officers made contact with complainants that reported a suspect vehicle arriving in the area and a large volley of shots being fired into the neighboring residence.

Officers were unable to make contact with anyone listed at the residence and forced entry into the residence to check on the welfare of any possible occupants. Inside of the residence Officers located a 31 year old deceased male victim identified as Kenneth Vernon and a 1 year old infant identified as Tatee’k Morrison. Tatee’k died just one day before his first birthday.

The infant was transported to a local hospital, but was later pronounced deceased. This scene was turned over to the BPD Investigations Division.

Officers then located the suspect vehicle in the 300 block of South 28th Street. BPD SWAT, YCSO SRT, BPD Negotiators, and BPD Drone team were all activated to this scene. Teams made contact with individuals inside of the residence and were able to remove 10 individuals from the suspect residence.

Tactical teams then moved to a second residence in the 300 block of South 28th that was possibly involved in the incident.

Once this residence was cleared both residences and detained individuals were turned over to the Investigations Division.

At the time of this release no official charges have been filed yet.

The BPD would like to thank the public for their patience while the involved streets where/are closed, as well as supporting agencies; Billings Fire Department, AMR, Yellowstone County Sheriff’s Office, and Gallatin County SRT.