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24-year-old Brendon McMahan found shot to death at an apartment complex in Billings

No one has been arrested in connection with the shooting.



Relatives have named the 24-year-old individual who lost his life in a Thursday night shooting on the West End of Billings as Brendon McMahan.

In response to a report of weapons, Billings police were dispatched to an apartment complex situated in the 2900 block of Monad Road.

McMahan’s lifeless body was discovered within the apartment where the gunfire was reported.

There have been no arrests made in connection with the shooting.

Brendon McMahan was among the five individuals who lost their lives to gun violence in the Billings area within a two-week period.

While the police attribute the surge in crime to escalating gang violence, it has not been specified whether gang activity was a factor in McMahan’s tragic killing.