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Update: The NYPD has identified Jason Pass, 47, as the suspect wanted for the fatal shooting of Brooklyn bodybuilder Bladimy Mathurin, 47, and his stepson Chin Wai Mode, 27.

This tragic incident arose from noise complaints, as captured on video in the apartment building’s hallway.

Jason Pass

In a tragic incident, a Brooklyn bodybuilder and his stepson lost their lives in a violent encounter with their irate downstairs neighbor.

The assailant had entered their apartment to address ongoing noise issues. The distressing event unfolded in the Flatbush Gardens Complex in East Flatbush, where the 47-year-old father, Bladimy Mathurin, and his 27-year-old stepson, Chin Wai Mode, were fatally shot in the fourth-floor hallway outside their residence at approximately 10:30 p.m. on Sunday,” police reported.

Marie Luc Delille, 48, expressed the profound loss and fear that now grips her family. Tragically, that man took away my son and my husband,” she said, her voice filled with sorrow, as she spoke from her apartment, where a painful reminder of the tragedy still lingered outside her door.

“He instilled terror in my family—the only family I have—my husband and my children. I have no one else.” Marie shared that her young daughter was also present during the harrowing incident. She emphasized the urgent need for therapy, recognizing the deep impact this has had on her child. “This unfolded right before her eyes,” Marie lamented.

Police obtained surveillance footage that captures the assailant, a resident on the third floor of the Brooklyn Ave. apartment complex, confronting his upstairs neighbors over the noise disturbance, as per a police source.

The heated exchange between the victims and their irate neighbor escalated into the hallway, authorities reported. At a juncture, Mathurin briefly retreated into his residence, only to reappear shortly thereafter brandishing a pair of scissors, according to police accounts.

It was at this moment that the assailant drew a firearm and unleashed a fusillade of gunshots, hitting both men in their heads and backs, police stated.

Delille recounted that the disagreement began with the neighbor downstairs pounding on the ceiling before ascending to their floor to address them. “He banged, my husband banged back,” Delille explained.

“Then he got so upset, he came and kicked the door. My husband stepped outside. That’s when he grabbed his gun and shot my husband and my son.” Delille mentioned that before the gunfire erupted, she attempted to intervene.

Following the shooting, the assailant used an elevator to descend to the lobby and then fled the building, heading eastward toward Brooklyn Ave., according to authorities.

From the scene, investigators collected nine shell casings of .45-caliber and five fragments of bullets. The suspect is described by police as a dark-skinned individual with a bald head, dressed in a blue jacket and tan boots.