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Victims shot and killed by former Centerville mayor Jay Ostrem identified

When authorities went to Ostrem’s nearby home, documents say they contacted his wife, who said in May 23 she and Paul Frankus (one of the victims) had been drinking together when he forcibly kissed her and exposed his genitals to her.



In a shocking turn of events, a former mayor and law enforcement officer, 64-year-old Jay Ostrem, is facing triple murder charges.

According to South Dakota Attorney General’s office, the shootings occurred Monday night around 10 pm in Centerville, a small town in Turner County.

The report details a call received by Lincoln County Sheriff’s dispatch at 9:44 pm from a man named Zach Frankus reporting a shooting at a Centerville residence.

Ostrem was arrested Tuesday morning and booked into Minnehaha County Jail.

According to call records, Zach Frankus reported his brother being shot by a shotgun-wielding man who then returned home.

Tragically, Frankus himself later reported being shot and then fell silent. Responding authorities, including a Game Fish and Parks officer, arrived at the scene and spotted Ostrem leaving the reported location of the shooting.

Despite initial commands to stop, Ostrem eventually complied and laid down on the ground.

According to documents, Ostrem was bleeding from his left hand and smelled of alcohol. He was found in possession of a .380 handgun, an AR-style rifle, spent shotgun shell casings, and a spent rifle casing.

Authorities discovered three deceased men inside the home, identified in court documents as Paul Frankus, 26, Zach Frankus, 21, and Timothy Richmond, 35.

When authorities visited Ostrem’s nearby home, they spoke with his wife, who reported that on May 23, she and Paul Frankus had been drinking together when he forcibly kissed her and exposed himself to her.

According to documents, she informed Ostrem about the incident on the evening of May 27, which caused him to leave the house in a fit of rage.

She told officers that he didn’t mention where he was going and did not appear to be armed, though she noted that he had weapons in the home and possibly in his vehicle.