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Mother arrested after confessing to fatally shooting 1 of her children and drowning the 2nd child in Festus

The authorities found the woman’s third child unharmed.



In Festus, police are investigating a tragic incident. A woman confessed to killing her two children.

She told officers she shot one child while they were in a car and then drowned the other.

The woman arrived at the police station with one child who had been shot and was already dead. Police believe the shooting occurred earlier elsewhere.

They tried to save the child, but unfortunately it was too late. Officers then went to a location near Festus called Timber Creek Resort, where they found the woman’s other child dead in a pool. They attempted to revive the child, but were unsuccessful.

Thankfully, the authorities found the woman’s third child unharmed.

The sheriff confirmed the woman is believed to be the children’s mother, and both victims were likely under 10 years old.

While the woman is in custody, the identities of everyone involved are being withheld for now.

Sheriff Marshak expressed his condolences, calling it a heartbreaking event for the community, the family, and those who knew them.

The investigation continues, and updates will be released as they become available.