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24-year-old Jahquan Robinson shot and killed by Westport public safety officer

Five others currently remain injured.



There was a shooting outside Kansas City’s Westport area early Sunday. A security officer working there intervened and shot a man, Jahquan Robinson (24), who was reportedly causing the chaos.

Sadly, Robinson died. Five others were also hurt in the incident.

Security at Westport in Kansas City heard gunshots early Sunday morning near Westport Road and Broadway.

They went to check it out and found a man, Jahquan Robinson, shooting. According to a first look into the incident, the security officer fired back at Robinson and hit him.

Sadly, Robinson wasn’t alive when they reached the hospital and passed away.

The security officer was questioned that night but is no longer being held while the investigation unfolds.

The shooting apparently started with an argument between several people.

The Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) is still looking into the shooting and will put together a full report on everyone involved.

This report will then be given to prosecutors to decide how to proceed. Additionally, a spokesperson for the Westport area released a statement about the incident yesterday (Monday).

The Westport Entertainment District thanked their security officers and the Kansas City police for their courageous response to a shooting outside the district early Sunday morning (1:20 AM). They believe the officers’ actions stopped further harm. The statement acknowledged the death of the person involved in the shooting and the unfortunate reality of gun violence. However, they expressed gratitude for the officers’ training in handling such situations.