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Victims killed during shooting at May Day party near Stockton in North Baldwin County identified

Investigators have identified one suspect.



Authorities reported that three individuals lost their lives and several others were injured during a shooting incident on Saturday night in north Baldwin County.

Andre Reid from the Baldwin County Investigation Division confirmed the fatalities and stated that at least 12 individuals sustained injuries.

Victims have identified as Chiquita Ewing, Christian Bradley and Micheal Anderson Jr,.

He noted that the victims primarily comprised younger individuals. Reid clarified that no officers were shot or involved in the incident.

Reid mentioned that approximately 1,000 individuals were present at a May Day gathering near Stockton when a dispute broke out, resulting in gunfire.

He stated that investigators have identified one suspect.

Reid added that there may have been at least one other shooter, but investigators are unsure of their role.

As of now, it remains unclear if any arrests have been made.

Investigators are actively seeking individuals believed to be connected to the incident near Bryant’s Landing.

Reid clarified that no officers were targeted or fired upon during the incident. He emphasized that those involved were shooting at each other during the event.

Following the shooting, a substantial crowd congregated at North Baldwin Infirmary in Bay Minette, where some of the wounded were transported. Reid noted that altercations ensued at the medical facility.

Authorities urge individuals with any relevant information about the incident to step forward.