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Tornado on the ground at an isolated field near Fort Stockton, Texas

Take shelter now!



Tornado Alert! Seek shelter immediately! A verified tornado has been sighted 11 miles southeast of Fort Stockton, advancing eastward at 15 mph.

Expect severe tornadoes and hailstones up to two inches in diameter.

WARNING: Risk of severe weather, including destructive tornadoes and large hailstones up to two inches in diameter.

CONFIRMATION: Tornado sightings reported by weather spotters.

EFFECT: Flying debris poses significant danger to those not in shelter. Mobile homes are susceptible to damage or destruction, while roofs, windows, and vehicles are at risk of damage. Tree damage is probable.

LOCATION: The tornadic thunderstorm is expected to persist primarily over rural regions of central Pecos County.

AFFECTED AREAS: This encompasses Interstate 10 between mile markers 277 and 282.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.