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At least 1 child shot after active shooter reported outside Mount Horeb Middle School in Wisconsin

Authorities have confirmed that the “threat has been neutralized.”



Update: A teenager armed with a rifle was outside the school building. Law enforcement shot the suspect before they could enter the middle school. Emergency medical evacuation was requested for the suspect.

There are no reports of any other victims, and no injuries were reported among individuals inside the school.

The suspect took their grandfather’s car, crashed it into a house, then proceeded on foot to the middle school where they fired a few shots outside.

A backpack suspected to belong to the shooter has been discovered, along with eleven or more expended casings.

Original Report:

On Wednesday morning, May 1st, there were reports of an active shooter situation at Mount Horeb Middle School, located west of Madison.

Authorities have confirmed that the “threat has been neutralized.”

A statement posted on the Mount Horeb Area School District Facebook page indicated that the individual did not gain entry into the premises.

The police department is assisting in securing the building to guarantee the safety of students and staff.

The school district has initiated a full lockdown, with officials stating that students will remain in a hard lockdown across all buildings.

Law enforcement personnel are conducting checks throughout the middle school to ensure the safety of all students.

Parents and guardians are strongly advised not to visit the school campus and to await further instructions.

District officials and law enforcement confirm that emergency protocols are currently in effect.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.