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13-year-old boy killed, 4 injured in London stabbing incident involving man with sword

Police have apprehended one suspect in connection with the assault.



A tragic incident unfolded in north-east London where multiple individuals, including two police officers, were stabbed in a car and sword attack.

Among those injured was a 13-year-old boy, who was one of five individuals receiving medical attention at the scene in Hainault.

Despite efforts, he succumbed to his injuries after being taken to the hospital.

The authorities swiftly responded to the situation, apprehending a 36-year-old man who was subdued by a Taser 22 minutes after the initial call.

Eyewitnesses recounted the harrowing sight of the suspect wielding a sword before being brought under control by law enforcement.

Addressing the media gathered at the scene, Chief Superintendent Stuart Bell conveyed that the family of the deceased boy was receiving dedicated assistance from specialized officers during this incredibly challenging period.

He expressed profound dismay, labeling the morning’s events as truly horrific. “My heartfelt sympathies extend to the injured, their families, and the entire community,” he added.

Video circulating on social media depicted an individual brandishing a lengthy knife in Laing Close. Chief Superintendent Bell recognized the understandable need for clarity and understanding regarding the events and assured that law enforcement was diligently endeavoring to ascertain all pertinent details.

The Metropolitan Police disclosed that a vehicle had been intentionally driven into a residence in the Thurlow Gardens vicinity, followed by multiple stabbings occurring shortly before 07:00 BST.

Chief Superintendent Bell further disclosed that two Metropolitan Police officers were hospitalized, undergoing surgical treatment for their injuries. Additionally, three civilians were transported to the hospital, with two still under medical care.

He characterized the stab wounds sustained by the officers as “significant” yet reassuringly not posing a threat to their lives.

Similarly, the injuries sustained by the two individuals from the public who remain hospitalized were deemed “not believed to be life-threatening.”

Chief Superintendent Bell disclosed that the suspect was subdued with a Taser and apprehended at the scene, a mere 22 minutes following the initial police call.

The suspect is currently under custody. Chief Superintendent Bell affirmed, “We do not perceive any ongoing threat to the broader public, and we are not actively seeking any other individuals.”

He further stated his belief that the incident was not related to terrorism and was not a deliberate, targeted assault.