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Mass Casualty Incident Reported After Tornadoes Devastate Downtown Sulphur

A freeze frame captures the moment lightning illuminates the large tornado.



Reports indicate that a tornado has swept through Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Video footage depicts extensive destruction of vehicles and buildings after multiple large and violent tornadoes struck Sulphur, repeatedly impacting the town throughout the evening.

Newly released footage reveals the devastating aftermath in downtown Sulphur, Oklahoma, where severe damage occurred due to the series of large and violent tornadoes that occurred during the ongoing tornado outbreak in Oklahoma.

A person can be heard on scanner, saying ‘All of downtown Sulphur is destroyed’ after a tornado struck the area.

Murray County Sheriff’s Office: DO NOT TRAVEL TO SULPHUR UNLESS YOU ARE A FIRST RESPONDER!!! I REPEAT, DO NOT TRAVEL TO SULPHUR!!! Please remain at home and refrain from coming to observe the situation! Your presence is hindering the emergency personnel in their efforts. Sulphur is currently experiencing severe congestion. For reunification, please proceed to CrossWay Rec Center church. IMPORTANT: Only use 911 for genuine emergencies! We urge everyone to show respect and allow the emergency personnel to carry out their duties without obstruction!!

A significant tornado struck the city, resulting in major damage, with search and rescue operations currently underway.

A freeze frame captures the moment lightning illuminates the large tornado.

The small town of Sulphur, Oklahoma, was devastated by a massive tornado at approximately 10:30 PM, part of a significant outbreak that unfolded over the weekend, beginning on Thursday.

Downtown Sulphur Oklahoma before and after.

Other nearby towns also experienced extensive damage from additional violent tornadoes.

Our thoughts and prayers are with them.