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Large tornado on the ground in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska

The weather service issued warnings of potential damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles.



A tornado swept through suburban Omaha, Nebraska, on Friday afternoon, causing extensive damage to homes and other structures as it cut through farmland and into residential areas for several miles.

While injuries were reported, it was not yet confirmed whether anyone had been killed by the storm.

Numerous tornadoes were sighted across Nebraska, but the most devastating one moved from predominantly rural areas into the suburbs northwest of Omaha, a city with a population of 485,000.

Social media images depicted severely damaged homes and uprooted trees.

Video footage revealed residences with roofs stripped of shingles in a rural vicinity near Omaha.

Law enforcement officials were seen blocking off roads in the affected area.

Additionally, video footage showed emergency responders transporting a woman on a stretcher from a collapsed residence in Blair, a city situated just north of Omaha.

Katrina Sperl, spokesperson for the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, mentioned that reports of damage are only beginning to emerge.

Taylor Wilson, representing the University of Nebraska Medical Center, stated that they had not yet received reports of injuries. Prior to the tornado striking the Omaha region, three workers at an industrial plant sustained injuries Friday afternoon when a tornado hit the facility in Lancaster County, as relayed by sheriff’s officials in an update on the situation.

The structure, located northeast of the state capital, Lincoln, had collapsed with approximately 70 employees inside, some of whom were trapped, according to sheriff’s officials.

All individuals were successfully evacuated, and authorities confirmed that the injuries sustained by three people were non-life-threatening. Additionally, sheriff’s officials received reports of a train overturned near Waverly, also in Lancaster County.

The Omaha Public Power District reported that nearly 10,000 customers in the Omaha area were experiencing power outages.

Tornado watches were also issued by the Weather Service for areas spanning Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Forecasters cautioned of the potential for large hail and destructive wind gusts.

It appears that this tornado could be the most powerful in the United States since the tornado of December 10, 2021, which reached a peak of 190 MPH in western Kentucky.

Judging by the debris height on radar, it is likely at least an EF-4, and there is a possibility it could be classified as an EF-5. Radar observations have recorded winds exceeding 235 MPH (a few hundred feet above ground level) near the radar site.

Considering the recent absence of EF-5 tornadoes in the country, this event is a significant contender.

Reports of catastrophic damage with some structures completely destroyed.

NEBRASKA: A significant tornado just hit the east side of Lincoln, NE moments ago (3p). This image was caught from the NEDOT camera nearby as the tornado ripped through the area.

A tornado has been observed northeast of Lincoln around 2:50 p.m. The tornado was located near 33rd Street and Fletcher Avenue.

Prior to this, at approximately 2:30 p.m., the National Weather Service reported a severe thunderstorm over Pioneers Park moving northeast at 30 mph.

This storm had the potential to generate a tornado and hail the size of ping pong balls, according to the weather service.

Shortly afterward, it progressed over northwest Lincoln, traveling at a speed of 50 mph. Visible rotation was observed over the city of Lincoln.

The weather service issued warnings of potential damage to roofs, windows, and vehicles.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.