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Greenbelt mass shooting: 5 teens shot after senior skip day event, 11 detained

Police detain 11 persons.



On Friday, gunfire erupted at Schrom Hills Park in Greenbelt, Maryland, where earlier in the afternoon, hundreds of students had gathered for a senior skip day water gun fight.

According to Greenbelt Police Chief Richard Bowers, there were at least 500 to 600 high schoolers present when officers arrived at the park.

Due to the substantial crowd, the Maryland State Police Department deployed additional personnel to the area to aid in dispersing the gathering and managing traffic on adjacent streets.

Chief Bowers indicated that shortly after the officers’ arrival, just before 3:00 p.m., they heard 8 to 10 gunshots.

Five teenagers, ranging in age from 16 to 18, were found with gunshot wounds.

Detectives currently believe the assailant fled the park as the large group dispersed onto Hanover Parkway.

Bowers stated that one of the wounded teenagers is in critical condition, while the others are presently stable and receiving treatment at local hospitals.

Investigators are appealing to students who participated in the event, which was advertised on social media, to come forward with any details about the shooting.

“Today’s events are deeply distressing and utterly senseless,” remarked Bowers. “There is no excuse for this incident. The occurrence is simply incomprehensible..

High school students were involved, and this level of violence is both unwarranted and intolerable.

It’s imperative that we come together to prevent such incidents from happening again.”

This is an active investigation into the attempted homicide of five young men and police need assistance to help close this case. Anyone with information or video of the party that could aid the investigation is urged to contact 301-474-7200.