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26-Year-Old Erica Allen Fatally Shot After Allegedly Attempting to Stab Police Officer in Toledo

Allen assaulted her grandmother, barricaded herself and her children inside the residence.



Toledo Police officials are conducting a press conference to address inquiries and release footage concerning the recent incident on Vance Street.

During a barricade situation, officers fatally shot a woman who reportedly approached her children with a knife.

The coroner’s office has identified the deceased woman as 26-year-old Erica Allen.

According to police, Allen assaulted her grandmother, barricaded herself and her children inside the residence, attempted to stab a police officer, and repeatedly approached her children with a knife on April 17th.

According to a news release from the police department on Tuesday, officers attempted various methods to extract the children from the situation before resorting to shooting Allen.

These methods included negotiations and the use of a taser. Upon gaining entry into the home, officers discovered Allen and her three children in the attic, where she purportedly advanced towards the children with a knife.

At that moment, a SWAT officer discharged their weapon, causing Allen to fall to the ground.

Despite being shot, she got back up and continued to approach the children with the knife, leading police to fire at her a second time.

Authorities at the scene provided medical treatment to Allen and transported her to a nearby hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries.

This marked the second police shooting in Toledo that week. The Toledo Police Department reported that an officer shot a man on Leland Avenue who had aimed a BB gun at police while they were serving a robbery warrant on April 16.

A police spokesperson stated that the department would not be holding a news conference regarding that incident.