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19-year-old Kriston Ramsey in custody after shooting on police in Lincoln County

He was discovered by a Lincoln County deputy.



A teenager, aged 19, has been apprehended following an extensive search by multiple agencies after they fired shots at a Brookhaven officer.

According to authorities, Kriston Ramsey, 19, fired four shots at the police officer on Thursday around 12:30 p.m. at the Jackson Square Apartments.

The Brookhaven Police, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, Mississippi Highway Patrol, and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation were all involved in the search for the teenager.

Following the shooting incident, Ramsey fled into the nearby woods.

A drone was deployed to locate him. Later on Thursday afternoon, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reported that Ramsey had been located and apprehended after a search lasting two to three hours.

He was discovered by a Lincoln County deputy.

Attempts to serve Ramsey with a warrant on Sunday were unsuccessful as he fled on foot once again, and was found in possession of a gun at that time.