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33-Year-Old Christopher Murphy Fatally Shoots Syracuse Police Officer and Onondaga County Sheriff’s Deputy in Salina

All parties involved, including the two officers and the suspect, sustained gunshot wounds.



Update: In a joint statement, the Onondaga County Sheriff and Syracuse Police Chief have announced the identities of their deceased officers:

  • Lieutenant Michael Hoosock from the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office
  • Officer Michael Jensen from the Syracuse Police Department

The Onondaga County District Attorney has verified the identity of the shooter responsible for Sunday night’s tragic killing of two law enforcement officers.

Christopher R. Murphy, aged 33, from Salina, was identified by William Fitzpatrick. The incident began with a traffic stop around 7 p.m. in Syracuse’s Tipp Hill neighborhood, as stated by Syracuse Police Chief Joe Cecile on Sunday.

Despite attempts by Syracuse police to pull over a car, the driver refused and fled at high speed. Subsequently, the police obtained the vehicle’s plate number, which led them to a residence at 4945 Darien Drive in Salina.

The shooting incident unfolded at that location, with gunfire erupting in the residential area as both officers and the suspect exchanged fire.

All parties involved, including the two officers and the suspect, sustained gunshot wounds.

Additionally, the suspect was fatally wounded, according to Cecile. Sheriff Toby Shelley reassured the community on Sunday night that the residence had been secured, alleviating any potential threat to the neighborhood.

Murphy, residing at 4945 Darien Drive in Salina, was charged with driving while intoxicated by the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Office on March 2, 2014.

Additionally, Murphy faced charges of resisting arrest and failure to keep right.

County records list Joseph and Lucille Murphy as the property owners at 4945 Darien Drive, having purchased the house in 2002 for $134,500.

Christopher Murphy is also registered as a resident at that address, as indicated by county voting records.