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Student Knocked Over by Powerful Severe Storms While Heading to Campus in Lexington, Kentucky



Mayor Linda Gorton and public safety officials briefed the public on the storm’s impact across Lexington. Mayor Gorton mentioned they’re still actively responding and advised minimizing travel.

She also mentioned receiving a call from Governor Andy Beshear, who urged caution in anticipation of another round of storms.

Mayor Gorton mentioned that one individual sustained non-life-threatening injuries due to a fallen tree on their residence.

Fire Chief Wells provided details of the damage, including four uninhabitable homes, one structural collapse, two structure fires, two incidents of trees crashing into homes, and 12 reports of downed power lines.

Additionally, I-75 has resumed operation after a power line obstruction necessitated its closure in both directions for an extended period.

Mayor Gorton noted the activation of the Emergency Operations Center and stated that approximately 13,000 power outages were recorded.