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Container Ship Reports Loss of Control, Heading Toward Francis Scott Key Bridge

One worker was recovered from the water, and their condition remains unknown.



The collapse of the Francis Scott Key (FSK) Bridge in Baltimore, MD, occurred following a collision with a motor vessel, resulting in reports of missing individuals from the bridge.

The bridge, undergoing maintenance but open to traffic, was struck by the Motor Vessel DALI (Singapore Flagged) after it lost propulsion while departing Baltimore Harbor.

The vessel alerted the MD Department of Transportation (MDOT) of its loss of control, indicating a potential collision with the bridge.

Subsequently, the vessel collided with the bridge, leading to its complete collapse.

At the time of the incident, construction crews were present on the bridge, and approximately 20 individuals are missing, believed to have fallen into the water.

One worker was recovered from the water, and their condition remains unknown.

The MD Transportation Authority reported the closure of all lanes on I-695 Key Bridge in both directions.

All personnel aboard the DALI have been located, with one individual sustaining minor injuries. The vessel has suffered significant damage above the waterline, although no significant pollution has been reported.

Response efforts involve assets from USCG Stations Curtis Bay and Annapolis, with aircraft inbound from USCG Atlantic City. Local authorities, including Baltimore County Police, Baltimore City Police, MDOT, MD State Police, and MD Natural Resources Police, are also on scene.

As a safety precaution, the USCG has closed the waterway into and out of Baltimore Harbor and established a safety zone.

The FSK Bridge serves as a critical transportation route spanning the Patapsco River and outer Baltimore Harbor, forming part of the Baltimore beltway (I-695) and designated as a HAZMAT truck route. It facilitates an estimated 11.5 million vehicles annually.

Given the severity of the incident, the Maryland Emergency Operations Center (MD EOC) has elevated its status to enhanced.