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What we know about the Moscow Crocus City Hall terrorists?

After the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall, the US State Department recommends that all Americans leave Russia.



They are all said to have a very limited command of Russian (or feign to have one), and one individual communicates in Tajik with the help of an interpreter.

The terrorist attack was purportedly motivated by financial gain.

A contact referred to as “an assistant to the preacher” via Telegram did not specify the exact sum but initially mentioned a promise of half a million rubles, later suggesting it could be around a million.

The identity of the “preacher” remains undisclosed, but one of the terrorists acknowledged listening to his “lessons and sermons.”

Additionally, it is noted that one of the terrorists returned from Turkey two and a half weeks ago.

However, it’s unclear whether he met with the “preacher” or his associates during his time there.

The “assistant preacher” also disclosed the coordinates for the location of the terrorist attack, while the organizers supplied them with Kalashnikov assault rifles.

The terrorists resided together in a hostel in the north of Moscow, with little familiarity among them: at least two of the four individuals had only met “10-12 days ago.”

The car they used to travel to Crocus City Hall and later attempted to escape in was purchased through a familial connection, with intentions of using it for taxi services.

Weapons were discarded during their escape towards the border.

However, a clear understanding does not emerge from the interrogation fragments. It remains uncertain what precisely linked these individuals and what motives guided them in orchestrating one of Russia’s deadliest terrorist attacks.