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Murder-suicide: Sean Kelly shot Colleen Williston before turning the gun on himself in Tomkins Cove

The investigation remains ongoing.



On Tuesday in Stony Point, a tragic incident resulting in two fatalities is now being classified as a murder-suicide.

Stony Point police received a call before 2 p.m. from a man stating that “his friends shot themselves.”

Upon investigation, authorities discovered the bodies of 38-year-old Sean Kelly and 35-year-old Colleen Williston in an upstairs bedroom at their residence on 54 Rosetown Road in Tomkins Cove.

Reports indicate that Kelly shot Williston before taking his own life.

Authorities are continuing their efforts to understand the circumstances surrounding the incident, including any potential connections to a complaint filed several days prior.

According to officials, Sean Kelly had reported an incident involving Colleen Williston and their two children to the Stony Point police on Saturday, prompting an alert to Rockland County Child Protective Services.

It’s worth noting that the investigation was ongoing at the time of the tragic shooting, and at that time, the two children were neither present in the residence nor in the custody of their parents.

The investigation remains ongoing.

Tuesday’s shooting marks the fourth fatal domestic-related incident in Rockland within the past four months.