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Explosion occurred at Glycerin Traders oil refinery in Defiance

The explosion occurred at the Glycerin Traders oil refinery facility in southeastern Defiance.



The Defiance City Fire Department verified that an explosion occurred, injuring an individual at the Glycerin Traders oil refinery in Defiance on Wednesday evening.

The injured individual was transported to the hospital in a private vehicle, and their identity has not been disclosed.

The department issued a Facebook post advising the public to avoid traveling near Columbus Avenue (presently closed), Ottawa Avenue, Greenler Street, and Sauers Avenue.

The City of Defiance issued the subsequent statement:

“Defiance City Fire and Police units responded to a report of explosion at the Glycerin Traders Facility located at 815 Greenler Street in Defiance at 1557 on 3/20/24. Once on scene Defiance City Fire began to put out area grass fires and fires within the building. All plant personnel were accounted for once fire, law enforcement, and EMS from neighboring communities showed up and began to assist. At this time the scene is contained however the block surrounding the plant will remain closed for continued monitoring.”

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.