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27-year-old Tyler King and children aged 7, 6, 3, and 1-month-old killed in Jeannette house fire

A neighbor reported witnessing the mother standing on the roof of the house, shouting in distress about her children.



According to the Westmoreland County coroner, a late-night house fire in Jeannette has resulted in the deaths of four children and one adult.

The residence on Guy Street had eight occupants at the time of the fire, comprising two parents and their six young children.

The deceased were identified as 27-year-old Tyler King, 7-year-old Kyson John, 6-year-old Kinzleigh John, 3-year-old Keagan John, and 1-month-old Korbyn John.

Fortunately, the mother and two children, aged 1 and 10, were rescued from the blaze.

Fire Chief Bill Frye expressed profound sadness, stating, “It’s a very sad night here in Jeannette.

Please keep the family and the first responders who responded tonight in your thoughts and prayers in the coming days and weeks here in the city.”

Chief Bill Frye further mentioned that around eight individuals were reported to be inside the house when the fire erupted around midnight.

“Our firefighters, along with some bystanders and police officers who were initially at the scene, managed to rescue three individuals from the house,” stated Fire Chief Bill Frye.

“An adult and two children. Jack Mull, who resides just two doors down from the incident location, assisted in rescuing the mother and two children. I attempted to enter downstairs, but the heat and flames were too intense. I then proceeded to the backyard, retrieved a ladder, and went over to assist. Miranda, the mother, was on the backside roof with the baby, so I attempted to aid her,” he recounted.

Mull described the family as extremely tight-knit and always spending time together. He mentioned that the mother attempted to re-enter the house to assist but ended up sustaining burns.

“Those are her children in there, you know. They’re wonderful parents who deeply care for their kids. It’s just a terrible situation,” he expressed.

Frye later remarked, “Tonight is a somber one. There were challenges with the water supply.

The first hydrant we approached provided us with only a small amount of water, barely sufficient to reach the scene’s hill,” Frye recounted.

“Subsequently, we depleted our tank water, and at that point, the fire had intensified significantly, necessitating the withdrawal of our personnel,” he added.

Frye then urged, “Please keep the family and the first responders who attended tonight in your thoughts and prayers as we navigate the days and weeks ahead in the city.”

He continued, “The fire did extend to the adjacent house, but all occupants managed to evacuate safely. The only other individual injured was a firefighter who sustained an elbow injury but is expected to recover.

Both residences have incurred substantial damage.

The identities of the deceased have not yet been disclosed, and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.