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At least 6 people killed after violent tornado in Indian Lake, Ohio

Sheriff Randall Dodds mentioned that certain areas have been inaccessible to first responders due to obstacles like downed trees, gas leaks, fires, and fallen power lines.



A mass casualty incident has been announced in Indian Lake, Ohio, following a devastating tornado that swept through the region.

Numerous buildings have collapsed, and individuals are reportedly trapped.

Last night’s tornado in Indian Lake, Ohio, has resulted in six confirmed fatalities.

The storms that swept through Ohio on Thursday evening inflicted substantial damage, particularly in the Logan County area of Indian Lake.

Logan County Sheriff Randall Dodds mentioned that while he hadn’t personally observed much of the damage, he was aware of residents sustaining superficial injuries or fractures.

Dodds mentioned that obstacles such as downed trees, gas leaks, fires, and fallen power lines have hindered first responders’ access to certain areas requiring aid.

The majority of the damage is concentrated in Russell’s Point, Orchard Island, and the vicinity of Midway, situated between Lakeview and Russell’s Point, which includes a mobile home park, Dodds explained.

Dodds advises non-first responders to vacate the area to facilitate officials in rendering assistance where necessary.

First responders are currently attending to the identified victims from Thursday night and will review the response strategy again on Friday morning.

Indian Lake Schools have canceled classes on March 15 but will operate as a shelter for individuals affected by the storm, providing refuge for those whose homes were damaged. Due to power outages, the school is relying on backup generators.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.