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Border Patrol Agent Chris Luna killed in the helicopter crash near La Grulla in Starr County

The co-pilot suffered a minor hand injury and the helicopter was significantly damaged.



Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens informed Channel3 NOW, “Luna joined in 2007. He served as a ‘Supplemental Aircrew Member (SAM),’ a Border Patrol agent collaborating with air assets as a subject matter expert for their patrolled area.

I knew and collaborated with him during my time in RGC. Both his parents are retired agents.”

Chief Owens reportedly attended muster today in Rio Grande City and interacted with every agent present.

Authorities have confirmed that a U.S. National Guard helicopter crashed along the Texas southern border, resulting in at least three fatalities.

According to a spokesperson from the National Guard interviewed by Channel3 NOW, the helicopter went down near La Grulla, Texas, situated about 40 miles west of McAllen.

Operating under federal authority, as indicated by two sources to Channel3 NOW, the helicopter was involved in the incident.

Although casualties were reported, the precise number of fatalities and injuries remained unconfirmed, according to two U.S. defense officials.

Sources from Border Patrol informed Channel3 NOW that members of a Mexican cartel were monitoring the helicopter with one of their drones when the crash occurred.

They focused their cameras on the wreckage and could be heard laughing in a video clip shared on cartel-affiliated social media platforms.

On February 27, the National Guard issued a statement, indicating that its director, Lt. Gen. Jon A. Jensen, had mandated a stand-down for aviation safety across all Army National Guard helicopter units.

This decision came in the wake of two recent helicopter crashes. Consequently, the bureau temporarily suspended all operations involving its helicopter fleet to conduct a thorough review of safety policies and procedures.

The circumstances surrounding the crash remained unclear.

The helicopter that crashed was identified as a UH-72 Lakota, as stated by one official.