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19-year-old Malikai Doucet arrested for the shooting death of Carencro High School student Jaylon Joiner

Joiner was shot Friday while exiting the school bus in the 200 block of Bradford Drive.



Update: Police have arrested and charged 19-year-old Malikai Doucet with Second Degree Murder in connection with Friday’s shooting on Bradford Dr. that resulted in the death of Carencro High School student Jaylon Joiner, 18.

Malikai Doucet
Jaylon Joiner

Original Report:

Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies reported the death of a high school student who was shot while disembarking from a school bus.

The victim, identified as 18-year-old Jaylon Joiner, attended Carencro High School.

According to investigators, the incident occurred on Bradford Drive, located just outside the Carencro city limits, on Friday, March 1, shortly after 3 p.m.

A neighbor reported hearing two initial shots followed by two more shots and people shouting.

Law enforcement officers, aided by K-9 units and Carencro police, are canvassing the neighborhood.

Deputies believe that multiple individuals are implicated in the shooting, with at least one person detained.

The investigation is still in progress.

The Lafayette Parish School System described the death as “tragic” in a statement and mentioned that counselors will be accessible for students upon their return to school on Monday.