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Police searching for two 16-year-old Wyoming boys threatening to shoot preschool in Texas

The suspects have been identified as Quintin Wyrick and Otis Edlund.



Amarillo police have clarified that a threat circulating within the community does not directly target the Amarillo area.

The Amarillo Police Department became aware of a threat concerning preschools in Texas circulating locally.

Wyoming law enforcement alerted Texas authorities regarding two teenagers who allegedly made threats of a shooting at a Texas preschool.

The individuals, identified as 16-year-olds Otis Edlund and Quintin Wyrick, are suspected to be traveling to League City.

They are reportedly driving a 1969 white Chevrolet Chevelle with Wyoming registration.

Currently, there is no perceived threat to the Amarillo area.

Nevertheless, law enforcement will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as necessary.