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6 missing including children after fire in East Lansdowne, shooting injures 2 officers

Officers shot responding to a 911 call at this house. The two are stable. The house was set ablaze by a suspect inside.



Update: The two police officers injured in the East Lansdowne shooting in Delaware County on Wednesday have been identified, as authorities continue their search for at least six individuals, including children, who are still missing.

Officer David Schiazza, from the Lansdowne Police Department, sustained a gunshot wound to his leg. Schiazza, a 22-year veteran of the department, is scheduled to be discharged from Penn Presbyterian Hospital at 3 p.m. on Thursday.

Officer John Meehan, representing the East Lansdowne Police Department, was shot in his left arm and underwent surgery for his injury. Meehan remains hospitalized at Penn Presbyterian Hospital for further treatment.

Following a shooting that wounded two police officers in East Lansdowne, Delaware County, on Wednesday afternoon, at least six individuals are reportedly missing after a residence was ignited.

District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer stated that officers were dispatched to investigate a reported shooting involving an 11-year-old, though it remains uncertain whether a child was indeed injured.

Source told Channel3 NOW that the incident in East Lansdowne occurred at a residence owned by an individual identified as Phong, who is of Asian descent.

Upon their arrival around 3:45 p.m. at the location on the unit block of Lewis Avenue, gunfire erupted towards the officers, according to Stollsteimer.

Both officers sustained single gunshot wounds, with one being struck in the arm and the other in the leg, before the suspect withdrew into the residence. Margie McAboy, the Director of Policy and Public Engagement for the Delaware County District Attorney’s Office, confirmed that they were both in stable condition.

Stollsteimer further mentioned that approximately 15 minutes after the officers’ arrival, an individual within the residence initiated a fire. Due to the extent of the fire’s impact, it remains hazardous for investigators to conduct a thorough search of the premises.

Authorities suspect that multiple individuals may have been present inside the residence when the fire began.

Stollsteimer expressed concern for the victim’s family, noting that the household accommodated numerous residents, including children.

He stated, “We are aware that there were at least six to eight individuals from that family whose whereabouts are unknown.” There is a deep concern that these individuals may have been inside the house during the fire, although it is hoped this is not the case.

More details regarding the missing individuals are anticipated to be disclosed on Thursday once authorities can access the burned residence.

Original Report:

Wednesday afternoon, two police officers were shot while responding to reports of gunfire at a residence in East Lansdowne, Delaware County.

According to sources, an 11-year-old was injured by gunfire inside the home located in the unit block of Lewis Avenue.

Upon the officers’ arrival, an individual began firing at them, as reported by sources to Channel3 NOW.

Both officers were struck, and the assailant retreated into the residence, according to sources.

Although there were no further shots fired, authorities are concerned that the child and the suspect may still be inside the home.

One of the officers belongs to the Lansdowne Police Department, while the other serves in the East Lansdowne Police Department, as per information obtained by Channel3 News.

Video footage depicted a police officer being carried away from the scene and placed into an ambulance. Additionally, a SWAT vehicle was observed breaking down a wall of the residence.

Both officers were conscious and alert upon arrival at Penn Presbyterian Hospital. Approximately 15 minutes after officers arrived at the scene, a fire ignited at the residence.

Flames were visible emanating from the roof and windows of the initial home that police responded to.

A nearby resident provided an account of the situation, stating, “There was rapid gunfire. I was just sitting on the couch, then I heard, ‘Pop! Pop! Pop!’ Peaked out to see, then literally 10 seconds later cops were coming out from everywhere in every direction yelling, ‘Active shooter! Close your door.'”

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.