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Senn High School student 16-year-old Devon Gibson killed after shooting in Edgewater

Another male, 16, was critically wounded and a male, 15, was seriously wounded as they walked from Senn High School at dismissal.



(Chicago) – In a “targeted” attack on a group of Senn High School students, gunmen fired upon them, resulting in one boy’s death and injuries to two others, as stated by Chicago Police Supt.

Larry Snelling on Wednesday evening. The incident occurred as the students were walking in the 1200 block of West Thorndale around 3:37 p.m. on Wednesday.

A vehicle stopped nearby, and “several” individuals emerged from it carrying guns. They proceeded to open fire on the students before quickly fleeing the scene in the vehicle.

Although the incident bears similarities to a shooting outside Innovations High School in the Loop that claimed the lives of two students last week, Chicago Police Supt.

Larry Snelling stated that there is no evidence connecting the two shootings. In the recent attack, a 16-year-old boy succumbed to a gunshot wound to his chest, while another 16-year-old is in critical condition with gunshot wounds to his jaw, chest, and arm.

The third boy, aged 15, is in good condition with a gunshot wound to his right leg, according to CPD. The Cook County medical examiner’s office identified the deceased teen as Devon Gibson from the 1400 block of North Talman.

Senn High School will have victim services counselors available to assist anyone in need, stated Snelling.

Mayor Brandon Johnson emphasized the urgent need to end such violence at the press briefing, stating, “The loss of life is horrific under all circumstances, but it is especially harsh when our young people are targeted.

The harm, chaos, and trauma caused by individuals who do not value life will face the full force of government to bring them to justice,” the mayor pledged.

Directly addressing the gunmen, Johnson urged, “Whatever conflict or pain you are expressing, this is not the way to do it.”

He stressed that the loss of life is eroding the city’s fabric, urging everyone to collaborate with community members and law enforcement to halt this senseless violence.