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Unconfirmed reports suggest Comedian Bo Burnham died after he planned to die by suicide because his dog would die on January 17

I came out of my mother’s p**** on August 21st, 1990 and I will die on January 17, 2024. Also, I have a dog named Bruce, and I love him.



Fans of comedian Bo Burnham are expressing panic on social media amidst speculations about his alleged death. Burnham had earlier stated on his website that he intended to pass away on January 17, 2024.

Recently, he deleted all posts from his social media accounts. In a prior website post and an interview, Burnham had asserted his intention to take his own life because he anticipated the death of his “bomeranian” breed dog on or before the specified date, and he couldn’t fathom living without his beloved pet.

On his website, the comedian shared an image overlaid with text declaring, “I emerged from my mother’s birth canal on August 21st, 1990, and I will depart on January 17, 2024.

Additionally, I have a dog named Bruce, and my affection for him is boundless.” Subsequently, he was questioned about this statement during an interview.

Burnham expressed, “I contemplate ending my life because my recently acquired dog, whom I adore more than anything, is bound to pass away, and when he does, I can’t bear to continue.” The interviewer inquired, “So, you just predicted when he’ll pass away?”

The comedian affirmed. Despite the seemingly humorous nature of the comment, characteristic of Burnham’s quirky style, the deletion of his social media content has sparked heightened concern among fans.

Many have speculated that this action might signal the forthcoming release of new material.

Burnham gained widespread attention when an old video of his from 2016 resurfaced, acclaimed as a spot-on parody of country singer Jason Aldean. In 2023, Aldean faced criticism over his song and accompanying music video, “Try That in a Small Town.” Detractors argued that the song conveyed a pro-gun message with racist undertones.

Country Music Television (CMT) even removed the track from its network due to certain images, such as Aldean’s performance outside a courthouse where a Black man was lynched in the early 20th century. Burnham’s fans delved into his song “Country Song (Pandering),” featured in the Netflix comedy special Bo Burnham: Make Happy, and drew comparisons to Aldean’s controversial track.

In his Netflix special, the comedian humorously parodied contemporary country songs, crafting lyrics that playfully depicted themes of cold beer, dirt roads, and pickup trucks. He quipped, “No shoes, no shirt, no Jews—wait, you didn’t hear that; it’s a kind of mental typo.

I present myself as if I’m a fieldhand, yet the boots I wear come with a hefty three-grand price tag. I compose songs about riding tractors while comfortably seated in a private jet,” sang Burnham.

Continuing his satire, he added, “I could sing in Mandarin, and you’d still catch on that I’m pandering. Whether it’s hunting deer, chasing trout, or sipping a Bud Light with the logo facing out.” As a thoughtful note, he concluded with a reminder about available help for those struggling or in crisis, providing contact information for assistance.