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Dayton police officer and suspect injured in shooting on U.S. 35 near Liscum

Fire crews have been cleared from the US-35 site, and the police investigation is ongoing.



Update: After a pursuit and an officer-involved shooting on US 35, both an officer and a suspect were transported to Miami Valley Hospital, as indicated in a social media post from the Dayton Police Department.

The incident involved various law enforcement agencies, leading to the closure of US Route 35 between Abbey Avenue and Infirmary Road in both East and Westbound directions.

Access to Route 35 from Liscum Avenue or Gettysburg Boulevard is currently restricted.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has assumed control of the investigation, as confirmed by a Dayton police sergeant to Channel3 NOW.

Witness-provided photos depict a Trotwood police cruiser positioned under a pickup truck, which appears to have sustained multiple bullet impacts. However, it remains unclear whether the truck was shot before or after the crash.

Original Report:

US-35 in both directions between Infirmary and Abbie is currently closed indefinitely due to a police presence.

Video footage captured at the scene reveals a pickup truck positioned atop a police vehicle.

Sources report that multiple officers discharged their weapons, leading to an incident where two officers were injured in a related crash. One suspect is confirmed to be down.

A Dayton Police officer has been transported to Miami Valley Hospital.

Fire crews have been cleared from the US-35 site, and the police investigation is ongoing.

While the police investigation is ongoing, fire crews have been dismissed from the US-35 scene. An OHGO camera positioned at US-35 and Gettysburg captures the deserted section of the highway.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.