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Victim killed in Iowa Perry High School shooting identified as 6th grader 11-year-old Ahmir Jolliff

Ahmir’s cause of death was determined to be multiple gunshot wounds, 3 in total, and his manner of death has been ruled a homicide.



On January 5, 2024, the Iowa State Medical Examiner conducted autopsies on the two individuals involved in the Perry High School active shooter incident.

The deceased Perry Middle School student has been identified as eleven-year-old Ahmir Jolliff.

Ahmir’s cause of death was attributed to multiple gunshot wounds, totaling three, and the manner of his death has been officially ruled as a homicide.

The deceased shooter, confirmed to be seventeen-year-old Dylan Butler, was determined to have died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, and his manner of death has been ruled as a suicide.

In total, seven additional individuals sustained injuries of varying degrees during the shooting incident, marking an increase of two from previous reports.

Among the victims, three are school staff members, and four are students. Perry High School Principal Dan Marburger, identified as having suffered multiple gunshot wounds, is currently in critical condition.

The ongoing investigation substantiates that Principal Marburger acted selflessly, placing himself in harm’s way, seemingly to protect students.

Currently, Principal Marburger and two students remain hospitalized, while the rest have received treatment and been discharged.

Another victim Zander Shelley, aged 15, found himself in a hallway, anticipating the start of the school day, when he heard gunshots.

Quickly responding, he sought refuge in a nearby classroom, as recounted by his father, Kevin Shelley. Zander sustained two grazing injuries and concealed himself within the classroom.

According to his father Zander is feeling fine. They did x Ray’s and ct scans and there are no bullets or fragments inside of him so they believe he was only grazed twice. We just got home.

The investigation is currently underway, with investigators collecting substantial amounts of digital and social media evidence that require thorough review.

Background checks, eyewitness accounts, and interviews with victims are ongoing.

Once the investigation concludes, the DCI’s investigative report will be forwarded to the Dallas County Attorney’s Office for assessment.

The office will then determine any additional courses of action, if deemed necessary.