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25-year-old Emily Rose Cochran fleeing Midfield police charged in crash that killed 21-year-old Michaya Jumese Parker

The lone occupant of the vehicle, Parker, was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene.



Legal charges have been brought forth in connection with a fatal Friday night collision where an innocent motorist lost their life while the suspect was reportedly evading law enforcement.

Emily Rose Cochran, a 25-year-old resident of Sylacauga, faces charges of manslaughter, fleeing from law enforcement resulting in a death, first-degree receiving stolen property, and second-degree receiving stolen property.

The victim of the fatal incident has been identified as 21-year-old Michaya Jumese Parker, a resident of Midfield.

The episode unfolded just before 9 p.m. on Friday in Midfield when a Flock Safety camera, functioning as a license plate reader, detected a stolen Ford F-150 within the city limits. The truck had been reported stolen from Vestavia Hills.

In response, a Midfield police officer, Sergeant Michael Jeffries, attempted to halt the pickup truck. However, the female driver, later identified as Cochran, accelerated at a high rate of speed, evading the officer.

A brief pursuit ensued, but the officer couldn’t maintain pace with the truck. While the officer was in the process of discontinuing the chase, Cochran shifted into an opposite lane on Bessemer Super Highway, moving away from Midfield toward Bessemer.

According to the police, Cochran collided with an oncoming motorist. The lone occupant of the vehicle, Parker, was ejected and pronounced dead at the scene at 9:17 p.m. Cochran was assessed by paramedics at the scene and subsequently cleared for custody.

She spent the night in custody at the Midfield City Jail and will now be processed for booking at the Jefferson County Jail following the issuance of warrants.