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Jake Harris found shot to death in his home outside Watertown

The motive for the incident remains unknown.



On Monday morning, Jake Harris was fatally shot in his residence just outside Watertown, as reported by Wilson County officials.

He was discovered deceased in his home, and detectives are presently conducting an investigation into the shooting.

According to authorities briefed by Channel3, a woman, presumed to be the mother of two children present in the house during the incident, is currently undergoing questioning but has not yet faced charges.

Fortunately, both children emerged from the incident unharmed.

Officials state that, at present, no other suspects are under investigation, and there is no imminent threat to the public.

The motive for the incident remains unknown, and detectives have confirmed that there is no documented history of domestic violence in the home up to this point.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.