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33-year-old Toriano Rueda found shot to death in Buena Vista Township while visiting relatives

Police found numerous shell casings from different firearms at the scene.



Around 10:25 p.m. on Friday, November 24, authorities responded to a shooting outside a residence in the 600 block of South 24th Street, as relayed by Buena Vista Township Police Detective Russ Pahssen.

Upon arrival, they discovered 33-year-old Toriano D. Rueda lying deceased in the driveway beside the passenger side door of a car, Pahssen reported.

Police found numerous shell casings from different firearms at the scene. Rueda, formerly of Saginaw, had been residing in the Detroit area since June 21.

He and his girlfriend were at a relative’s house with family just before the shooting occurred.

As Rueda and his girlfriend were leaving in their vehicle, two individuals approached and initiated gunfire, according to Pahssen.

Unfortunately, only Rueda was hit by the gunfire, and the shooters fled on foot. The male homeowner discharged some shots as they fled, but the shooters seemed to escape unharmed.

Witnesses have been cooperative with the police, and detectives are currently reviewing surveillance footage from area cameras that captured the incident, Pahssen stated.

It’s noteworthy that Rueda’s brother, Paris D. Rueda, was fatally shot as he exited their mother’s residence in Buena Vista Township on January 2, 2017, at the age of 25. Allan G. “Sniper” Jones Jr. faced charges in December 2017 related to Paris Rueda’s death, specifically open murder.

In October 2019, prosecutors decided to dismiss all charges related to the death of Paris Rueda, citing complications with witnesses.

In a separate case, a jury in September 2019 convicted Jones of first-degree murder and five firearm charges linked to the unrelated 2016 homicide of 29-year-old Zebedee R. Love II.

Toriano D. Rueda’s death marks the 18th homicide in Saginaw County this year and the fifth in Buena Vista Township, all of which resulted from gunfire.