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All three victims of Grand Rapids’ Burton Heights neighborhood identified

Grand Rapids Police Chief Eric Winstrom said the medical examiner would be able to provide clarity about the cause of the deaths.



Update: Authorities have disclosed the identities of the three individuals discovered shot and deceased in Grand Rapids’ Burton Heights neighborhood on Monday.

The morning revealed the tragic loss of Malik Eubanks, aged 19, and Anayia Rodriguez, aged 20. Later in the afternoon, Darryl Yarber, aged 32, was also found with gunshot wounds.

While it could not be confirmed on Monday whether Eubanks and Rodriguez had sustained gunshot injuries, subsequent autopsy results definitively established this as the cause of their demise. The investigations into all three deaths have concluded that they were homicides.

After the discovery of two bodies in close proximity within Grand Rapids’ Burton Heights neighborhood on Monday morning, the police have initiated an investigation.

Chief Eric Winstrom of the Grand Rapids Police Department stated that this incident seems highly targeted and personal. He emphasized that there is no indication of random nature, and assures the public that there is no need for others to be fearful.

The crime scene spans approximately four blocks, with one body located on Melville Street SE near Francis Avenue, and the other on Horton Avenue near Melville.

One of the victim killed idientifed as Malik Eubanks aka GreedyBoy Dior.

The police chief remarked on the considerable distance between the locations of the two bodies, emphasizing uncertainty regarding whether the responsible individual traveled by foot or by car.

Following the discovery of two deceased individuals in southeast Grand Rapids on Monday, gunshots were heard, resulting in one additional fatality. Swiftly, multiple police cruisers converged on the scene in the Burton Heights neighborhood, establishing a presence just a block away from the earlier investigation into the deaths on Horton Avenue’s 2000 block. Chief Eric Winstrom stated that it remains uncertain whether this latest death is connected to the previous incidents.

Given the belief that the two killings are linked, officers are conducting a thorough search over this extensive area, seeking forensic evidence and other pertinent clues. Authorities received multiple 911 calls reporting two individuals with bloodied faces in the neighborhood around 11:10 a.m.

The chief couldn’t immediately confirm whether the victims had been shot, but expressed a leaning towards that possibility. Chief Winstrom lamented the tragic situation, stating, ‘Regrettably, we have two individuals with severe injuries in the street, and we lack an explanation for this.’

He mentioned that the medical examiner would ultimately determine the exact cause of death. As of now, the police have not been able to ascertain the identities of the two individuals involved. One victim was male, while the other was female.

While one was confirmed to be an adult, the age of the other remained uncertain. A Channel3 News crew at Horton observed a section of the street cordoned off with yellow police tape, accompanied by several police cruisers and a fire truck. Chief Winstrom anticipated that the crews would remain at the scene until at least 2:30 p.m., allowing detectives to diligently piece together the events leading up to this incident.

At this juncture, Chief Winstrom noted a prevailing sense of bewilderment within the neighborhood. He remarked, ‘Currently, there isn’t a prevailing sentiment among residents that offers us any explanation.’ He emphasized the enigmatic nature of the situation, emphasizing the presence of two bodies in the street, and the collective uncertainty in the community.

As of approximately 12:30 p.m., the investigation had not advanced to the point where responsibility could be attributed, though he expressed confidence in obtaining answers swiftly. Given the size of the crime scene and the broad daylight, with numerous people in the vicinity, Winstrom expressed optimism that they would receive the cooperation necessary from the citizens of Grand Rapids to assist in the inquiry.

He urged anyone with information or video footage to contact the GRPD at 616.456.3400 or reach out to Silent Observer at 616.774.2345. Chief Winstrom commended the numerous neighbors who had already stepped forward to provide assistance in any way they could.

He emphasized the neighborhood’s resolute stance against such incidents, stating, ‘This community will not tolerate this.’ He acknowledged their desire for answers, recounting an encounter on his way here where someone from a porch implored him to uncover the truth.

Both the community and law enforcement are invested in resolving this, and with everyone’s collaboration, we believe we can piece this puzzle together. Winstrom clarified that a report of an individual with a gun a few blocks away on Evergreen Street SE was unrelated to the deaths.