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Hoax phone call at Baker School

As of now, the Police Department has been unable to find anything at the scene.



School Lockdown

Updated from OCSD: Law Enforcement has checked the Baker School Campus twice and it appears that this was a hoax phone call that initiated the lockdown. Law Enforcement is conducting a final check of the campus before releasing the Lockdown. Principal Martello will send out a call soon with additional information. We appreciate Law Enforcement for responding quickly. Safety is our top priority.

According to authorities, an ongoing situation is unfolding at Baker School this morning.

Numerous sheriff’s deputies and a helicopter have been dispatched to the scene following reports of a child making a 911 call from a bathroom.

The child allegedly made threats to open fire on students and faculty.

These alarming reports have prompted concern from multiple parents and students.

This is a developing story that will be updated when more information is available.