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Murder-suicide: 40-year-old Adam Christopher Narmore shot and killed Ashley Lynn McClung, then took his own life

10-year-old Cayson McClung was trying to protect his mother when he was shot in the arm and in the face.



The Sheffield Police Department has provided additional information about a weekend shooting incident that resulted in the tragic loss of two lives and left a 10-year-old injured.

The victims have been identified as 38-year-old Ashley Lynn McClung and 40-year-old Adam Christopher Narmore.

The Sheffield Police Department is actively investigating a tragic incident stemming from a domestic dispute, which ultimately resulted in a murder-suicide.

Around 9 p.m. on Sunday, authorities received a call regarding a juvenile with a gunshot wound at Park Place Apartments.

Upon arrival and entering the apartment for further examination, officers discovered two individuals in the living room, both deceased from apparent gunshot wounds.

According to the police, an altercation ensued between McClung and Narmore, during which Narmore used a 410 shotgun to shoot McClung. McClung’s 10-year-old son bravely intervened to protect his mother, but tragically, he was wounded in the arm and face during the incident.

Cayson McClung

After these events, Narmore took his own life using the shotgun. Responding officers provided immediate first aid, including the application of a tourniquet to mitigate bleeding.

The young boy was subsequently transported to Keller Hospital, from where he was later airlifted to U.A.B Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.

The 10-year-old, who was alert and able to communicate with officers, is set to undergo surgery later today. Both McClung and Narmore’s remains will be sent for forensic examination.

According to police, Narmore and McClung were involved in a romantic relationship.

The investigation is currently ongoing.