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Murder-suicide: Jasmine Adams and Andre Pellam found dead in Pittsford

Chief Deputy Michael Fowler did not say how the man and woman died.



The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is currently probing a tragic incident involving the loss of two lives, a man and a woman, under investigation as a potential case of domestic violence and a suspected murder-suicide.

Around 7 p.m., deputies were summoned to a residence on Tobey Road, close to Stone Road, in Pittsford. This call came after a family member of the woman expressed worry due to not hearing from her.

Upon arrival, they discovered both the man and woman deceased inside the home. The woman has been identified as 33-year-old Jasmine I. Adams, and the man as 47-year-old Andre M. Pellam of Pittsford.

Chief Deputy Michael Fowler stated that the investigation is still in its early stages. He mentioned that they are treating this as a case of domestic violence and are considering the possibility of a murder-suicide.

At this point, it is too premature to pinpoint a potential suspect. Law enforcement authorities do not have any indications suggesting that any suspects are at large or that there is an ongoing threat to the community.

Fowler did not disclose the cause of death for the man and woman. He noted that this wasn’t the initial instance where deputies had been called to the residence. It remains uncertain if both individuals resided there permanently.

There were children, including a very young child, present, but fortunately, none of them sustained injuries. Fowler stated that deputies are still uncertain about the extent of the children’s awareness regarding the events.

He mentioned, “This is not the first time we’ve been here. We are currently in the process of reviewing all pertinent records to glean more information. However, that will be a subsequent task, likely to conclude tomorrow.

Our primary focus tonight remains on the ongoing investigation at the scene.”

Fowler indicated that Adams and Pellam were involved in an intimate relationship and that there were challenges, as reported by family members. He stated, “We do have information confirming a romantic involvement between the two.

There was indeed an intimate relationship. We’ve gathered from family members that there were difficulties they were facing. That’s why we’re commencing our investigation from this standpoint.

However, we’re keeping all possibilities open and will follow the leads as the investigation progresses.”

We are confronted with a substantial number of domestic violence cases in Monroe County, and this appears to be one of the most extreme situations,” he commented. Tobey Road has been temporarily closed to traffic between Greentree and Stone roads